What You Need to Know

The Centennial Lending team knows continuous improvement means striving to be the best every day.  Our new online system assists us in delivering on our mission by enabling us to provide a more seamless borrower experience while allowing us the flexibility to make additional improvements down the road.

The new system will be live on January 2, 2020 at which time you will be required to re-register for access.

Important Dates:

  • 3:00 PM (MT) December 13, 2019 – 8:00 AM (MT) December 17, 2019:  Existing System Maintenance (Preparation) – You will not have access to your online account during this time.
  • 3:00 PM (MT) December 31, 2019 – 8:00 AM (MT) January 2, 2020: System Conversion – You will not have access to your online account during this time.
  • 8:01 AM (MT) January 2, 2020: NEW SYSTEM LIVE – You will have full online account access once you have completed the registration procedures
    outlined in this FAQ.

Yes. You will be required to re-register when first logging into the new system. Re-registration can only begin once the new system is live on January 2.

You will need your Social Security Number / TIN and Loan Number to complete the registration process.

Important Note: The new system requires a minor adjustment to your existing Centennial Lending loan number. Your loan number currently contains a hyphen. This hyphen will be removed from your loan number once the new system is live. In order to register on the new system you will need to enter your account number without the hyphen. (Example: Current Loan Number 12-34567. New Loan Number 1234567)

You must complete the following registration procedures in order to access your account online. Registering on the new system can only be done once the new system is live on January 2.

  • Step One: Enter your Social Security Number / TIN and your Centennial Lending loan number.
    • All borrowers listed on a loan may log in to the new system by entering their SSN / TIN and registering for online account access.
    • Centennial Lending loan numbers currently contain a hyphen. Moving forward this hyphen will be removed.
      (Example: Current Loan Number 12-34567. New Loan Number 1234567)
  • Step Two: Create a new username and password.
  • Step Three: Enter your preferred email address.
  • Step Four: You will then receive an activation email at the email address you provided. You will need to access this email to complete your registration.

Please call us immediately (720-494-2740) if you are having difficulty registering or have questions or concerns once you do. We are here to help.

In short, the new system looks better, works better, and is easier to use than our previous system.

Specifically, the new system offers a modern, more intuitive, interface allowing for faster access to information, resulting in a better overall customer experience. The system is built on sound technology providing a sound and flexible foundation which supports future growth and improvement. Additionally the new system provides Centennial Lending the ability to better communicate with our partners while providing reliable service and data, further improving our partners ability to serve their members.

No. Automated or ACH payments will continue to function normally.

Important Note: The new system does offer additional payment options.

Unfortunately, accurate 2019 tax information (1098) will NOT be available online. While our new online system will allow you to access 2019 tax information, the data is not accurate. PLEASE DISREGARD 2019 TAX INFORMATION FOUND IN YOUR ONLINE ACCOUNT! 

Accurate 2019 tax information will be sent via US Mail on January 15, 2020 and should be in your mail box no later than January 17, 2020. You may contact us directly and request a digital copy of this information.

Note: 2020 tax information will be available via the new system in 2021.

We value your business and recognize that changes to your online account access can be frustrating. We have done our best to ensure that your transition to the new system is as easy possible. Our team is available via phone and or email to further assist. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions or concerns.

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The service was excellent and responses were timely and accurate. Nice to do business with Centennial Lending.

Jared C.

Very professional and easy to work with. Great communicator and overly experienced.

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