Mission, Vision, and Values

Centennial Lending recently formalized our Mission, Vision, and Values. Click here to learn more. The goals of this initiative are simple: Remain focused on continuous improvement; and prepare for the future. While this effort is not the result of deficiencies, we do anticipate improvements to the way we do business.

Internal Impact:

Exemplifying our values is not simply a rhetorical exercise. Rather we are taking practical steps to honor these ideas. Specifically, these ideas provide a strategic paradigm by which all strategic decisions are measured. Additionally, these ideas provide concise direction to our team and empower all of us to do what it takes to help the CUSO, our partners, and borrowers succeed.

We recognize that ideas require an ongoing commitment from our leadership team to improve the way we plan, hire, train, and support the personal and professional development of our team. This is of paramount importance, as we all depend on this team for integrity, expertise, service, and innovation. These ideas are a constant reminder that we are to do everything in our power to improve business outcomes for the CUSO, our partners, and borrowers, while providing a means to do so.

External Impact:

The formalization of these ideas provides us an opportunity to reframe the conversation we have with our partners and borrowers. We’ve often found ourselves in the role of service provider. While we are more than capable of being a one-off shop, stop gap, or quick fix, our Mission, Vision, and Values require us to do more.

We must be a proactive and long-term credit union partner. In order to succeed, we must be an institution with whom our partners strategically plan and regularly engage. Our partners and borrowers can expect to see our commitment to partnerships, proactivity, and engagement in the language we use, the actions we take, and the effort we put in to meeting their needs.

Overall Impact:

Ultimately, this on-going initiative will lead to a more productive team, stronger partnerships with credit unions and borrowers, and improved business outcomes for all interested parties.

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Centennial Lending handles all of our underwriting, loan processing, and loan servicing internally. Your business starts here and your business stays here.

While we serve a number of states we are committed to a local philosophy. We remember your loan and your name, and we’re here to answer your questions or finance your next deal.

What’s more, we love to answer the phone. You’ll always find a real live expert on the other end of the line when calling during normal business hours. Whether you are calling to apply for a new loan, have questions on an application or about your existing loan, we will be here.

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Centennial Lending is an invaluable business partner. Excellent service.

Scott M., Foothills Credit Union

Centennial is a great strategic partner for Valley and our members. The credit union benefits from a cost effective, high quality service provider of mortgage loan products. Our members receive a personal borrowing experience that can’t be beat. Centennial’s people and processes are the best.

Pat F., Valley Credit Union