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Residential Mortgage Services

Our residential mortgage team is driven to help you achieve your home ownership goals. We offer a wide variety of traditional mortgage loan products including Conventional, FHA, and VA loans, as well as Wyoming Community Development Authority (WCDA) loans. This, in conjunction with our unique relationships with our credit union partners, allows us to provide unmatched product flexibility and competitive rates.

Whether you are looking to purchase a new home, refinance your existing one or just want to know if you qualify for a mortgage, our experts are here to walk you through your options.

Flexibility may be the key to your purchase or refinance. 

Centennial Lending partners with literally dozens of credit unions. We can’t promise you a mortgage, but we can offer an enviable level of flexibility.  APPLY NOW or call and speak to a mortgage loan officer you can trust. (720) 494-2740.

Centennial Lending Offers a Variety of Residential Mortgage Products

Daily Rates

*Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is based on 1.00% origination fee.  Points represent discount points paid by the borrower.

Check Rates

Complete the form below and we will provide customized quotes based on your specific situation. Rate quotes are based on the information provided and are not an actual offer of credit.
Note: In most cases loan amount is limited to 97% of purchase price unless you are a qualified veteran. 

The Process

You’ll provide information about your existing or future home as well and personal financial information. Or, you can request a pre-approval by simply providing personal financial information.

In either case, once you submit your application our experts will go to work; reaching out to you within 3 business days with a loan decision including options based on your specific needs.

And don’t worry if you have questions while filling out your application. You can call any time during normal business hours to speak to a real live expert.

In the event that you requested and were granted a pre-qualification we will send you a pre-qualification letter and you’re ready to go house shopping. Let us know when you have found your future home and we will take the next steps.

The next steps: If your initial application included specific information about your new home, we will send you required disclosures as well as a checklist containing items and actions necessary to complete your application. During this time you will work together with our residential mortgage team to ensure that your loan is approved, processed and ready to close on time.

Once your loan receives final approval, we will contact you to schedule a closing date. In the event of a purchase we will also contact the real estate broker and seller to coordinate the closing schedule with all parties.

The closing can take place at a title company in your area, at your credit union or in your home. In some cases a remote closing or power of attorney can be arranged. In short, the circumstances of the closing will be based on specific needs and wishes.

You will hear from your loan expert a few days before closing to discuss final details. And of course you can contact us anytime during the process with questions or concerns.

Now that your loan is closed it’s time to start enjoying your new home; knowing that your mortgage is in good hands.

In most cases Centennial Lending will service your loan internally. You don’t have to worry about your loan being sold from one financial institution to another which means you’ll always have access to a Centennial Lending representative when you have questions or concerns about your loan.

The service was excellent and responses were timely and accurate. Nice to do business with Centennial Lending.

Jared C.

Very professional and easy to work with. Great communicator and overly experienced.

Ramsey M.
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