Employee Directory

Michael Nagl
President & CEO
Phone: 720-494-2767
Email: MNagl@centennial-lending.com
Joseph Larson
Information Systems Administrator
Phone: 720-494-2193
Email: JLarson@centennial-lending.com
Debra Ludwig
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 720-494-2190
Email: Debra.Ludwig@centennial-lending.com
Evan Moser
Executive Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2755
Email: Evan@centennial-lending.com
Ashley Omundson
Phone: 720-494-2770
Email: AOmundson@centennial-lending.com
Shelley Ormsby
Senior Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2180
Email: SOrmsby@centennial-lending.com
Heather Padget
Vice President of Organizational Development
Phone: 720-494-2751
Email: Heather@centennial-lending.com
Stacey Pew
Chief Financial Officer, CMA
Phone: 720-494-2766
Email: Stacey.Pew@centennial-lending.com
Business Development
Cathy Miller
Business Development Officer | NMLS #1610906
Phone: 303-771-3048
Email: CMiller@centennial-lending.com
Tim Thomas
Vice President of Business Development | NMLS# 603223
Phone: 303-746-9169
Email: TThomas@centennial-lending.com
Charles Wright
Senior Vice President | NMLS# 384193
Phone: 720-494-2756
Email: CWright@centennial-lending.com
Commercial Lending
Kirk Wiebusch
Executive Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2747
Email: Kirk.Wiebusch@centennial-lending.com
Doug Christie
Vice President | NMLS# 451713
Phone: 720-494-2734
Email: Doug.Christie@centennial-lending.com
Debbie Covert
Commercial Processor
Phone: 720-494-2737
Email: Debra.Covert@centennial-lending.com
Jeff Davis
Senior Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2745
Email: Jeff.Davis@centennial-lending.com
Doug Giorgetta
Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2188
Email: DGiorgetta@centennial-lending.com
Felicia Gomes
Commercial Loan Processing Assistant
Phone: 720-494-2732
Email: FGomes@centennial-lending.com
Melissa Jackson
Commercial Processor
Phone: 720-494-2189
Email: MJackson@centennial-lending.com
Nick Klausner
Vice President | NMLS #594086
Phone: 720-494-2753
Email: NKlausner@centennial-lending.com
Crista Mielke
Vice President of Loan Review | NMLS #1241151
Phone: 720-494-2181
Email: CMielke@centennial-lending.com
Residential Lending
Johnnette Blakley
Mortgage Loan Officer Supervisor | NMLS# 964809
Phone: 720-494-2757
Email: JBlakley@centennial-lending.com
Erica Chisholm
Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS #377906
Phone: 720-494-2182
Email: EChisholm@centennial-lending.com
Jen Christensen
Mortgage Processor | NMLS# 216999
Phone: 720-494-2762
Email: Jen.Christensen@centennial-lending.com
Kira Farnham
Mortgage Closing Officer
Phone: 720-494-2738
Email: KFarnham@centennial-lending.com
Chelsea Hamilton
QC Specialist
Phone: 720-494-2758
Email: CHamilton@centennial-lending.com
Autumn Harris
Mortgage Loan Officer | NMLS #1622666
Phone: 720-494-2733
Email: aharris@centennial-lending.com
Cliff Johnson
Mortgage Operations and Processing Manager | NMLS #968490
Phone: 720-494-2194
Email: CJohnson@centennial-lending.com
Katie Koritnik
Mortgage Processor | NMLS #1207979
Phone: 720-494-2742
Email: KKoritnik@centennial-lending.com
Beth McDaniel
Vice President | NMLS# 1061245
Phone: 720-494-2731
Email: BMcDaniel@centennial-lending.com
Marie McHatton
Mortgage Processor | NMLS# 8296
Phone: 720-494-2196
Email: Marie.McHatton@centennial-lending.com
Angel Peters
Post Closing Specialist
Phone: 720-494-2191
Email: APeters@centennial-lending.com
Peter Runden
Mortgage Closing Officer
Phone: 720-494-2186
Email: PRunden@centennial-lending.com
Tara Sain
QC Specialist
Phone: 720-494-2185
Email: TSain@centennial-lending.com
Maria Sharp
Mortgage Processor | NMLS# 217989
Phone: 720-494-2764
Email: Maria.Sharp@centennial-lending.com
Linda Stabile
JR Mortgage Loan Underwriter | NMLS# 273903
Phone: 307-630-9113
Email: LStabile@centennial-lending.com
Kathleen Van Norden
Mortgage Underwriter
Phone: 720-494-2739
Email: KVanNorden@centennial-lending.com
Caroline Fryberger
Senior Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2749
Email: Caroline.Fryberger@centennial-lending.com
Ashley Baessler
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2736
Email: ABaessler@centennial-lending.com
Maureen Bruns
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2778
Email: MBruns@centennial-lending.com
Jessica Byers
Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2754
Email: Jessica.Byers@centennial-lending.com
Mallory Ferreira
Imaging Specialist
Phone: 720-494-2183
Email: MFerreira@centennial-lending.com
Hannah Fry
Servicing/Collections Officer | NMLS #1570627
Phone: 720-494-2184
Email: HLee@centennial-lending.com
Kristy Gould
Vice President
Phone: 720-494-2763
Email: Kristy.Gould@centennial-lending.com
Betsy Harris
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2776
Email: EHarris@centennial-lending.com
Jacqueline Holmes
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2769
Email: JHolmes@centennial-lending.com
Jennifer Huichapan
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2774
Email: JHuichapan@centennial-lending.com
Tina Lammers
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2768
Email: Tina.Lammers@centennial-lending.com
Aaron McCleave
Collections Manager | NMLS# 1246163
Phone: 720-494-2765
Email: Aaron.McCleave@centennial-lending.com
Linda Parker
Loan Servicer
Phone: 720-494-2198
Email: LParker@centennial-lending.com
Crystal Wilson
Manager of Leases & Construction Draws
Phone: 720-494-2773
Email: CWilson@centennial-lending.com