Why We Do It

We all long to be proud of the work we do. Not just about the dollars and cents, but about the effort we put in and the good that we do. At Centennial Lending our mission, vision, and our values help ensure we can be proud of both. These ideas have always been ingrained in how we do business. We’ve formalized these ideas to clearly illustrate our commitment to continuous improvement and future preparedness.

Our Mission: We deliver superior value through innovative lending solutions, expertise, and positive experiences.

Our Vision: Be the primary lending solution for our partners and all borrowers.

Values:  Integrity: We have an unwavering commitment to honorable business practices and honest communication.

                 Expertise: We are a source of industry-leading knowledge and execution.

                Service: We pledge to provide positive experiences, creating lasting relationships.

                Innovation: We create value through superior business processes.

We believe these ideas provide a framework for continued success. By actively focusing on these ideas and practicing these values we can continue to provide industry-leading products and services, while also focusing on the impact that our efforts have on our partner’s and customer’s financial well-being, and by extension, their lives. We understand the power of our overall impact and make every effort to ensure it’s always positive.

From our Team

Jeff D. : Senior Vice President

“Centennial Lending has been a long-time supporter of our local Meals on Wheels organization. Centennial Lending staff are provided with volunteer hours to deliver meals and serve on the Board of Directors. In addition, the organization contributes financially to Meals on Wheels by sponsoring local fundraising events. It has been a wonderful partnership for over 20 years!”

Crista M.: Vice President

“I appreciate that Centennial Lending provides time off for employees to volunteer during normal business hours and even provides a set number of paid volunteer hours to all team members. I was able to use my volunteer hours to transport health care-workers to and from work during a massive Colorado snow storm. Centennial Lending’s commitment to the community goes beyond words. It’s tangible. “


Our commitment to service extends beyond our immediate customers as we recognize each of our customers is a member of a larger community. Our team relishes the opportunity to serve the community, many of them personally leading efforts to volunteer, fund raise, and participate in outreach efforts.

We are proud of our team and follow their lead; supporting literally dozens of organizations and programs determined to better our communities.

Trail Building

Charles Wright, Centennial Lending’s SVP of Growth and avid mountain bike rider spent a cold afternoon hauling rocks on Green Mountain in Lakewood, CO. He was volunteering with the Colorado Mountain Bike Association which is dedicated to preserving great mountain biking experiences. Click here to learn more about Colorado Mountain Bike Association.

Centennial Lending continues to encourage community involvement by offering team members eight hours of paid volunteer time per year.


Members of the Centennial Lending team including Karen, Melissa, Magi, Shelley, Heather, Autumn, Amanda, Kathleen, and John, as well as our CEO Michael enjoy some outside time “Sprucing up Colorado.”  Spending time volunteering with our friends and co-workers is reward enough, but we won’t turn down found money, as evidenced by John’s giant smile and found $10 bill. Doing good is always rewarded.

The Colorado Department of Transportation’s Adopt-a-highway depends on thousands of volunteers to help keep Colorado beautiful by cleaning up litter along our highways.  Click Here to learn more about the Adopt-a-Highway program.

Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity touches our hearts! Without you we could never help our clients achieve “help for today and hope for tomorrow.”

Sarah M., House of Neighborly Service

Centennial Lending generously supports Longmont Humane Society through employee giving and supply drives to help us care for over 4,000 companion animals annually. We appreciate that Centennial Lending and its employees chose to support locally.

Longmont Humane Society
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