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Why We Do It

We all long to be proud of the work we do. Not just about the dollars and cents, but about the effort we put in and the good that we do. At Centennial Lending our mission, vision, and our values help ensure we can be proud of both. These ideas have always been ingrained in how we do business. We’ve formalized these ideas to clearly illustrate our commitment to continuous improvement and future preparedness.

Our Mission: We deliver superior value through innovative lending solutions, expertise, and positive experiences.

Our Vision: Be the primary lending solution for our partners and all borrowers.

Values:  Integrity: we have an unwavering commitment to honorable business practices and honest communication.

                 Expertise: We are a source of industry-leading knowledge and execution.

                Service: We pledge to provide positive experiences, creating lasting relationships.

                Innovation: We create value through superior business processes.

We believe these ideas provide a framework for continued success. By actively focusing on these ideas and practicing these values we can continue to provide industry-leading products and services, while also focusing on the impact that our efforts have on our partner’s and customer’s financial well-being, and by extension, their lives. We understand the power of our overall impact and make every effort to ensure it’s always positive.

From our Team

Aaron M. : Loan Care & Servicing

“Even though Centennial Lending is not a Credit Union, its partners are. In keeping with the Credit Union philosophy, Centennial Lending makes it easy to give back to the communities our partner credit unions serve. Team members can request payroll deductions to support local non-profit organizations such as the Longmont Humane Society, Children’s Hospital of Colorado, The Home Front Cares and Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.”

Debra C. : Commercial Processing

“I was brought up to believe that it’s incredibly important to take care of one another and the best way to be grateful for what you have is to share it with others. I’ve been involved in missions at home and abroad and have seen firsthand how easy it is to make a difference in someone’s life. I am so proud to be working at Centennial Lending! I am continually impressed and humbled by their generosity and their commitment to Community Outreach. They are always willing to help when a need is presented, and also seek out opportunities to be of service.”


Our commitment to service extends beyond our immediate customers as we recognize each of our customers is a member of a larger community. Our team relishes the opportunity to serve the community, many of them personally leading efforts to volunteer, fund raise and participate in outreach efforts.

We are proud of our team and follow their lead; supporting literally dozens of organizations and programs determined to better our communities.

2018 Mark Bostock Scholarship

The team at Centennial Lending is proud to announce the 2018 Mark Bostock Scholarship winners: Penelope Thurber and Tria Bivins.

The Mark Bostock Scholarship is available to our partner credit unions, their employees, their spouses, and their children and grand children. Each year, Centennial Lending awards two $750 merit based scholarship. Applicants, must submit a completed application, transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and an essay.

From all of us at Centennial Lending, congratulations and best wishes to this year’s winners.

Penelope Thurber : 2018 Mark Bostock Scholarship Winner

Penelope is an employee of Fitzsimons Credit Union, an Army veteran and an extremely committed
student. “My drive and determination in investing in education has always been a lifelong dream. My
community service, my family commitment, my job experience and dedication to help others benefit
from me being in college.”

Tria Bivins: 2018 Mark Bostock Scholarship Winner

Tria is a member of LincOne FCU and is a student at the University of Nebraska, Kearney. Tria is
excited to be studying interior design. “By designing the interiors of buildings we are ultimately
helping the world become a better place by giving people the incentive to be more productive, more satisfied and all in all, more comfortable with their surroundings.” Tria Bivins

House of Neighborly Services – Food Drive

The Centennial Lending team collected more than 430 pounds of food and donated an additional $250 to The House of Neighborly Service (HNS), a non-profit  organization based in Loveland, Colorado. HNS provides “Help for today. Hope for tomorrow.” The food collected by our team will help HNS provide meals to individuals and families in need. To donate or learn more about The House of Neighborly Service visit – www.HONService.org

Longmont Humane Society – Food Drive

We love animals as much as serving members! And we sincerely appreciate that Centennial Lending and our credit union partners share our love for the communities we serve. Through this shared commitment and support we were able to collect hundreds of dollars of pet food and supplies. Centennial Lending also allows team members to support the Longmont Humane Society through convenient payroll deductions. To donate or learn more about the Longmont Humane Society visit – www.LongmontHumane.org

Thank you for your contribution. Your generosity touches our hearts! Without you we could never help our clients achieve “help for today and hope for tomorrow.”

Sarah M., House of Neighborly Service

Centennial Lending generously supports Longmont Humane Society through employee giving and supply drives to help us care for over 4,000 companion animals annually. We appreciate that Centennial Lending and its employees chose to support locally.

Longmont Humane Society