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If you are submitting your loan or lease payment before 3:00 PM (MT), your payment will be applied no later than the close of business today. If you are submitting your payment after 3:00 PM (MT), your payment will be applied to your loan or lease the following business day.

Please verify that your payment information is correct and press the "Send Payment" button below. For security reasons, all payment requests are subject to review. It is our policy that funds may only be transferred from accounts where you are an authorized account owner.


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eCheck Help

Loan Number: Enter your loan number in the two boxes. Your loan number can be found on your statement.
Amount: Enter the amount you would like to put towards your loan payment. A $10.00 eCheck fee will be added to your payment amount.
Account in the Name of: Enter the name associated with the financial account that you are using to make your payment.

Routing Number: The routing number must be nine digits. Please contact your financial institution for this information (it's typically available on their website).
Check example - where to find the routing and account numbers
Account Number: The number associated with your checking or savings account. Please contact your financial institution if you are unsure of this information.
Email Address: Please enter a valid email address. You will receive an email confirmation of your payment request. Check your Spam folder if you do not receive confirmation within 1-2 hours.
Message: Use the optional message field to provide any other information, such as other contact information, questions, or other loans that you'd like to pay with this eCheck.